Vision, Mission Statement

Reinvent Finance as a service

Finatext combines 3 key areas: Service Development, Big Data Analysis and Securities Services, whilst using the latest technology to reinvent ‘Finance as a Service’. By meeting the needs of investment styles, individual needs and financial accessibility, we enable investing to be attractive once again.

Message from Ryota Hayashi, Founder & Group CEO of Finatext

I want to bring about a “service revolution” to the financial world.

After my experience at a global financial institution in London, the world’s financial center, I was able to learn how the global financial ecosystem is constructed, while at the same time view the Japanese financial market in an objective manner. The infrastructure service provided by Japanese financial institutions is one of the best in the world by far, however, there is over 1800 trillion yen laying dormant in savings accounts (current as of end of 2016). From my perspective, I found the base of the problem to be in the fact that the services provided by financial institutions were all created based on the supplier’s perspective or there was no service to encourage people to start investing.

At the time in the Japanese financial industry, IT was barely utilized at all on the service level and it was an industry where IT literacy let alone financial literacy was very low. It was also a microcosm of Japanese financial institutions being heavily reliant on vendors. I thought that with the experience in the finance industry that I had, and my ability to also code, I could create a service to bring investing closer to people and provide service from the perspective of users, and this desire to pursue the true fun of finance was what lead me to establish Finatext.

Due to the FinTech boom in recent years, services of a very high level are beginning to be released. However, although it is an extreme argument, if you look at these services and consider whether they cannot be imitated by someone else in the world, for the most part this is not true. Therefore, Finatext is committed to establishing business development base on “unique positioning”. For example, Finatext has premium data (eg. credit card usage data, POS data, etc.) that is not possessed by others, which we can analyse and develop algorithms for, and as well as possessing the infrastructure and services to distribute it to our users. By holding all of these in one company, and combining it with relationship technology and knowledge that can utilize various data, we can produce something that only we can do. In order to realize this, we will further strengthen our partnership and development capabilities, and continue to establish “unique positioning” that only we can do.

We will reinvent financial “service” with members and partners who have a passion to change the “investment environment”, the experiences and development capabilities they possess, and an unprecedented business model as a background.