Products & Services

Fintech Solutions

As the prevalence of investing for the individual increases globally, standardisation and accessibility to important financial information is a growing issue. This is one of the factors of a rising barrier to entry in retail investing. In order to attract a new generation of investors, Finatext provides standardised financial information and adjusts this service according to varying levels of investing knowledge, as well as individual lifestyles. For beginners, we provide the development and operation of investment community applications where users can learn about investing while interacting with other users. For experienced investors, these applications come complementary with text information analysis of news articles and social media content to gather public sentiment on the market. This comes hand-in-hand with stock investment algorithms using corporate and stock price information. We provide customisable financial services that can fit any individual’s needs.

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Big Data Analytics

Beyond analytics services through a Big Data Economics Analysis Platform, we deliver global economic indicators and corporate activities in real-time with world-class accuracy. These products are provided to global Financial Institutions, such as hedge funds, investment banks as well as governments. We aim to disrupt the conventional methods of economic statistic collection, the basis of policy and investment decisions, as there is an apparent ‘time lag’ between the time of survey and the time of release. Throughout our involvement in Big Data Analytics, we have come to realise the instantaneous acquirement of data without a time lag, and through these methods we develop economic information towards grasping the now of the economy.

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Brokerage Services

Through the Brokerage as a Service (BaaS) Initiative, we provide a next generation securities service providing greater value for retail investors. This initiative allows for the creation of a brokerage services and order execution platform, reducing overall dependence on brokerage commissions. The first mobile stock application, ‘STREAM’, will be available to preregistered users in the beginning off 2018, complete with trading functionality. This is aimed at the investment style based off social media investment information, which has risen in last few years.

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