As the prevalence of investing for the individual increases globally, standardisation and accessibility to important financial information is a growing issue. This is one of the factors of a rising barrier to entry in retail investing. In order to attract a new generation of investors, Finatext provides standardised financial information and adjusts this service according to varying levels of investing knowledge, as well as individual lifestyles.

For beginners, we provide the development and operation of investment community applications where users can learn about investing while interacting with other users. For experienced investors, these applications come complementary with text information analysis of news articles and social media content to gather public sentiment on the market. This comes hand-in-hand with stock investment algorithms using corporate and stock price information.

We provide customisable financial services that can fit any individual’s needs.

Mobile App



Asukabu! Japan’s largest mobile stock community with 250,000 registered users, complete with a built-in daily stock price forecasting game. Stock investing education app made for beginners.


Karu FX

Karu FX The Forex demo trading community. Users can interact, exchange information and enjoy content specifically made for developing basic Forex knowledge.



A new application that gamifies the mutual funds and asset management learning process, creating a friendlier experience for new users.


FX Clue

A mobile application to teach new users the fundamentals of Forex trading and technical indicators in a casual and gamified manner.



With a focus on the Nikkei 225 and DOW Jones markets, moneby centres on teaching finance and predicting market shifts. An in-app robo-advisor advises moneby users on personal asset allocation.



A next-gen mobile stock trading tool focused on ease of use and simplicity. Through public social sentiment, quantitative analysis and social media activity, Stream identifies smart investment opportunities for the user.



A fresh mobile app that revolves around the buzz of the crypto world. The Bittoco! app not only enables users to access & engage the latest cryptocurrency price feeds, news and community activity; but also allows crypto demo trading anytime & anywhere.



Pipster is the next-generation Crypto & FX Trading app, made and tested by industry professionals. With Pipster, users are able to trade various Crypto & FX currency pairs while utilizing simplifed indicators. Currently in development in the UK.


Social Indicator

Social indicators provide a different investment perspective for retail investors to refer to. This is done through quantifying the analyses of public finance and investing data from social media. For all listed companies in Japan, we will score the gross ranking on Japanese social for each company, and also provide general public sentiments on that stock, as a numerical value or frequent keywords.

Text Mining

We analyse text data such as news, social media and reports using natural language processing technology and PDF analysis technology. We also analyse the frequency of specific keywords and trend using statistical analysis technology/data mining technology. By extracting and visualizing valuable information from a large amount of text information at an early stage, we can allow more efficient collection of user information.

Robo Advisory

Based on metrics such as age, investment experience and financial knowledge, we provide engines that analyse risk tolerance and display suitable portfolios for users. This service covers investment trusts, ETFs, and stock assets. In addition to offering the engine on its own, we can construct and provide UI / UX solutions according to client needs.

Customised Solutions

We will use Finatext’s existing services and technologies to perform data text analysis on information owned by the customer, build investment tools, build mobile applications and websites, to provide solutions that meet customer requests.